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The President's Ball by holyprayerx
The President's Ball
*please view full size!!*
Azure slowly approaches me, stopping a few feet away from me and trying to appear casual. I eye him disdainfully.
    "You know better than to approach me." I say, and he shrugs as if to say "oh well."
    "Have you spotted anything out of the blue yet?" He asks. I sigh.
    "No." This might have been a waste of time. But we will not leave empty handed. We took too big of a risk to walk away empty handed.

Soo...yeah this is a thing...
I just realized how much they look like Peeta and Katniss oops...

I found a new brush online and I was just testing it out....looks okay to me..
I dont know why but I feel like the quality of my art is decreasing....and I'm not happy about it.
I need to continue doing my homework so BAI

Referernce for Magenta's dress…
Warrior by holyprayerx
I’m one with the warrior inside
My dominance can’t be denied
Your entire world will turn
Into a battlefield tonight
As I look upon you through
The warrior’s eyes now
I can see the fear that will
Ensure my victory this time

*please view in full size!!*
Happy new year! :3
I have to go back to school tomorrow -n-. I said that I was gonna draw alot this break but then I registered for the SAT then I could not even cough without someone yelling "WHY AREN'T YOU STUDYING?!"....for real..
I was gonna do all the painting on one layer but then I was all like "NOPE!" Used alot of "dull" colors....sorta like fits...I really like this picture and how it turned out even though it frustrated the hell outta me. ^.^

I don't why but everything I want to draw has been SPCTRM. Like, put the pictures into words you stupid brain! xD
Garnet's not there because reasons...
I need to get off the computer before someone gets susipicous...

Reference used for magenta here :ComiStock - Crouch 3
One With The Stars by holyprayerx
One With The Stars
Sooo....after looking at :iconfiercebabydoll:'s texture tutorial I was like "lemme give that I try!!" And I went way overboard. Oops.
This was supposed to be warm-up sketch to something bigger...but then I was like "ERMAHGERD TEXTURES SO ERMERZING WWOOOOOOWWWW" So yeah....I really like this though :3

So what do you think? It's ok yes? Or is it....a bit too much?? 
I need to eat before I start to draw the other thing brb xD

Thanks to :iconsirius-sdz: for the textures!!
External Forces by holyprayerx
External Forces
please view in full size!!!

nanowrimo ends in a week and I've only written one thousand words...I'm a failure xD
I'm gonna go to sleep after this because my eyes are starting to burn oops
Magenta's just standing in an alley waiting for her "dealer" to come (not for drugs I swear its for classified information that's why she has the messenger bag I swear)
There's a lot of pro-NewOrder graffiti on the walls....and she's trying to ignore it " But am I doing the right thing? Of course I am...saving the US government...."
It's on days like these that her loyalty wavers just a teeny bit.

Whenever she goes out to things like this, she dresses in an androgynous fashion because she had a bad experience one time when she was almost raped so she dresses like that so people will think she's male and she has a much lesser chance of being assaulted

oh MY GOD I AM SO TIRED ok bye I need to go sleep.
All Nighter by holyprayerx
All Nighter
*please view in full size!!*
Poor Azure staying up all night trying to get his code to work xD He's probably so frustrated...
I wrestled with this picture for like 4 hours....glad it turned out ok
The main challenge was the coloring obviously xD I think I did good.....not really feelin that background tho...
Azure makes sure to keep his room clean which is why there's nothing scattered across the floor....


Amy the Supreme Ruler
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi. I'm Amy, and that picture above looks nothing like me.
Sometimes I attempt to art/write
I like watching anime, drawing, reading things of that nature
Have fun looking through my gallery
:iconahemplz: Sorry.
Anyway, the first.....5? people to comment on this do an art trade with me! 



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