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Awkward Nights by holyprayerx
Awkward Nights
The need for water is what wakes my from my sleep. Decidiing against going all the way to the kitchen, I pad to the bathroom to drink from the tap. As I begin to enter, the door opens and Garnet steps out. I can't keep the blood from rushing to my face when I realize he's naked except a pair of dark blue boxers. The akwardness is thick enough to saw through. What happened a couple hours earlier can't stop running through my head. Garnet shoving Azure up against the wall, his forearm crushing Azure's throat, yelling about loyalty and trust. After that, he had shut down completely, locking himself in his room and refusing to talk.
    "Garnet..." I begin. "Look...about before.." I pause when I see the anger in his eyes, then go silent. My tenderness is replaced with anger. He needs to stop this. We were given one job, and I won't allow some petty arguement rip us apart. I meet the hardness in his eyes with coldness in my own. If he doesn't want to talk now, fine, but he
will talk. 
    He grunts before shutting off the light, bathing both of us in darkness. He shoves me out of the way on his way to his room. No longer thirsty, I return to my room and crawl back to bed, staring up at the ceiling. I
will bring us back together. 
I would've uploaded two weeks ago but dA wsa being dumb....
I think I did an AWESOME  job with the coloring...except maybe the hair...oh well...

one of my friends gave my SAI (hooray!!!) So I might be gone while I learning how to use it.

Is that...really all I have to say?? Oh well xD
WIP by holyprayerx
My hand huuurts :c i also have school work to do so BAI
those tattoos looks like shit
Makoto Naegi by holyprayerx
Makoto Naegi
Drew this because :iconmorithederp:'s birthday is today! ^>^
I tried coloring his skin differently based on this tutorial:…
I think I did pretty good :D
Who am I? by holyprayerx
Who am I?
Finally I got to draw my beautiful baby Garnet...who seems oto be dealing with some inner demons.
He feels as if his true self is not who he is anymore, that that persona has had to be abandoned for the sake of being Garnet.
Sorry bby :'c
It's almost midnight I need to make this quick so I can sleep xD
Garnet's got some more tattoos under there, I just haven't figured out what they are to be yet.
I feel like I got my coloring skillz back which is good :3
The President's Ball by holyprayerx
The President's Ball
*please view full size!!*
Azure slowly approaches me, stopping a few feet away from me and trying to appear casual. I eye him disdainfully.
    "You know better than to approach me." I say, and he shrugs as if to say "oh well."
    "Have you spotted anything out of the blue yet?" He asks. I sigh.
    "No." This might have been a waste of time. But we will not leave empty handed. We took too big of a risk to walk away empty handed.

Soo...yeah this is a thing...
I just realized how much they look like Peeta and Katniss oops...

I found a new brush online and I was just testing it out....looks okay to me..
I dont know why but I feel like the quality of my art is decreasing....and I'm not happy about it.
I need to continue doing my homework so BAI

Referernce for Magenta's dress…


Amy the Supreme Ruler
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi. I'm Amy, and that picture above looks nothing like me.
Sometimes I attempt to art/write
I like watching anime, drawing, reading things of that nature
Have fun looking through my gallery
:iconahemplz: Sorry.
Anyway, the first.....5? people to comment on this do an art trade with me! 



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