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One With The Stars by holyprayerx
One With The Stars
Sooo....after looking at :iconfiercebabydoll:'s texture tutorial I was like "lemme give that I try!!" And I went way overboard. Oops.
This was supposed to be warm-up sketch to something bigger...but then I was like "ERMAHGERD TEXTURES SO ERMERZING WWOOOOOOWWWW" So yeah....I really like this though :3

So what do you think? It's ok yes? Or is it....a bit too much?? 
I need to eat before I start to draw the other thing brb xD

Thanks to :iconsirius-sdz: for the textures!!
External Forces by holyprayerx
External Forces
please view in full size!!!

nanowrimo ends in a week and I've only written one thousand words...I'm a failure xD
I'm gonna go to sleep after this because my eyes are starting to burn oops
Magenta's just standing in an alley waiting for her "dealer" to come (not for drugs I swear its for classified information that's why she has the messenger bag I swear)
There's a lot of pro-NewOrder graffiti on the walls....and she's trying to ignore it " But am I doing the right thing? Of course I am...saving the US government...."
It's on days like these that her loyalty wavers just a teeny bit.

Whenever she goes out to things like this, she dresses in an androgynous fashion because she had a bad experience one time when she was almost raped so she dresses like that so people will think she's male and she has a much lesser chance of being assaulted

oh MY GOD I AM SO TIRED ok bye I need to go sleep.
All Nighter by holyprayerx
All Nighter
*please view in full size!!*
Poor Azure staying up all night trying to get his code to work xD He's probably so frustrated...
I wrestled with this picture for like 4 hours....glad it turned out ok
The main challenge was the coloring obviously xD I think I did good.....not really feelin that background tho...
Azure makes sure to keep his room clean which is why there's nothing scattered across the floor....
Unmasked by holyprayerx
*please view in full size!*
The faces of SPCTRM are revealed!! :iconohmygodplz: This was originally hair practice went overboard o.o' but I like how it turned out xD I can think of anything else to say......oh wait! I remember! Ok so, the plot for this story is getting more and more complex and so are the characters so I decided to write this instead of Invisiblity for the nanowrimo (which starts in like 3 days I'm so scared xD)

EDIT: Please be aware that these are not their final designs. I just really had to draw this ._.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)


He can’t keep his eyes off her. He tries to focus on anything else, the smell of sweat and adrenaline coursing through the club, the thumping bass that reverberates in his bones, the flash of lights that makes the motion of the jumping crowd look jerky and twitchy, but his eyes always find their way to her. His eyes travel down her body as she moves with the crowd, her movements graceful and provocative. When her eyes catch his, he expects her to be miffed, but she simply smiles softly before she begins to move faster than before, the beat of the music quickening. This continues on, the act of her dancing and him watching her before the music finally stops, being replaced with a slower tune. She glances at him periodically while she sways, holding his attention. Her eyes are a light blue, contrasting greatly with her dark brown hair. Finally, after little contemplation, he beckons her over. She smirks victoriously before sauntering over to the VIP section where he sits.

After being let in, she casually straddles his lap, placing her hands on his shoulders before slowly sliding them down his chest, her fingers pausing at his hips before placing them back on his shoulders, smirking when she notices his quickening of breath.

“What’s your name?” She asks, running a hand through her short brown hair, tousling it even more. “I’m Rayne.”

“Rayne,” He murmurs, rolling her name around on his tongue. “Mark.” He replies.

“OK, Mark,” She whispers in his ear, and he groans. “You wanna get out of here?” He feels like his heart has stopped and decided that a perfect place to live would be his throat. He didn’t mind that she was suggesting that, they had been looking at each other the entire evening. His smile is vicious, and he agrees readily.


    He can barely keep the car under the speed limit. He has such a beauty sitting in his passenger seat, and he needs to make it to his apartment fast. He doesn’t notice her pulling her phone out of her pocket, glancing over at him before she replaces it. He does notice, however, when her hand trails slowly up his thigh, and he almost runs the car into the median.


He slams the door to his apartment behind him before pressing her against it, shoving his lips against hers. Her hands wrap tightly around his neck, pulling him to her until not even air can fit against them. God he wants her so bad. He pulls away, and admires her face, her cheeks flushed, her lips swollen, her hair messier than before. Her hand tangles in his ebony hair before she’s kissing him again. His hands squeeze her waist and he’s so unprepared for the noise that erupts from her mouth. He grabs the lapels of her leather jacket and pulls her backwards, guiding her through his small apartment into his bedroom.

She pushes him roughly onto the bed and straddles his hips, tearing her jacket off her shoulders before leaning down to kiss him again.

“You’re so beautiful.” Mark whispers against her lips.Suddenly, there’s a sharp pain in his right upper thigh. “What…” His breathing quickens, and the world tilts on its axis. He stares at the EpiPen that is currently sticking out of his thigh. Rayne lets out a sigh of indifference. Mark tries to get up, ignoring the way the world bobbed and moved, but Rayne pressed a hand to his chest, keeping him lying on the bed.

“It’s time for you to take a nice, long nap.” She gets up off him before moving off his bed and heading for his desk, where his laptop sits. Before picking it up, she glances at him from over her shoulder. “You’re not very good at kissing, y’know. I also know your name’s not Mark, I’m not gonna tell you what else I know but I know that. You’re not gonna remember everything either, which sorta stinks.” She smirks, and he starts to resent that smirk. “I wanted to teach you how to kiss correctly.”

    With anger,rage, and betrayal coursing through his system, Mark’s world goes black.

    The girl who goes by Rayne sits on the bed, opening his laptop and starting. While she is waiting, her phone vibrates softly. She pulls it out of her jacket, not bothering to look at the ID before she answers.

    “Magenta?” A slightly rough, male voice asks on the other side.

    “It’s a go.” Is all she says, they have no time for petty small talk.

    “Good. What you find? The expected?”

    “Man you have no idea.” A slightly evil smile spreads across her face. “I’ve found everything and so much more. Plots to blow up buildings, protest dates, codes to other databases, everything is here!” She yells in excitement, before flinching and glancing at the man currently unconscious laying next to her on the bed. Magenta pokes his cheek once, then turns back to the computer, satisfied. “I almost want to take his entire computer!” The male on the other side chuckles.

    “I don’t think you should that.” He says, laughter lacing his words.

    “No, Azure, you don’t understand-” She begins.

    “I’m sure I don’t.” Azure says, his voice faltering. “He...didn't...touch you did he?” He asks, his voice a whisper. Magenta rolls her eyes.

    “Now he didn’t touch me. Well sorta-okay wait!” She can almost feel him tense. She runs a hand through her hair. “Look, no clothes came off, alright? I had to make him let down his defenses, and what easier way to do that than to ‘seduce’ him? I did what I needed to do. Stop worrying. She almost spits that last phrase at him. How dare he think she can’t defend herself.

    Azure is silent for a long time before letting out a simple,

    “Fine.” His voice losing the casual tone and turning firm and assertive once again. “OK, you know what you’re supposed to do, alright? Copy the files, and leave no traces. I’ll get Garnet to come and get you. You have fifteen minutes, understand?”

    “Yes, mother.” Magenta sneers, before the line cuts abruptly. She shrugs the hardness of voice off- Really, why does he have to worry so much? I can easily contact him in the case of an emergency. Jeez.- before slipping the portable hard drive out of her purse. She plugs it in and cracks her fingers.

    Time to get started.

    Her fingers are a blur as they whip across the keyboard, her eyes flit back and forth across the computer screen, not a single download going unnoticed. She works quietly and swiftly as she cracks codes and accesses encrypted files, deleting her “footprints” as she goes. A couple years, she hadn't been capable of this. Heck, a few years ago she was still in foster care, moving all across the country sporadically, leaving old families before meeting new ones, making new friends before she had to leave them to move somewhere else, before the cycle repeated all over again.

    A few years ago, she never would have imagined this. She was such an amatuer back then, only simple hacking, like changing her D’s to C’s or changing the format of the school website. Now….now she was onto more complex things, leaving undetectable viruses on computers and tracking their movements, shutting down propaganda websites, busting animal abuse rings...and one important thing.

    Keeping the United States from falling into the wrong hands.

    With one last keystroke, she unplugged the hard drive, replaced the computer, and was heading towards the door

    The entire process had taken less than ten minutes.

With one last look over her shoulder at the man currently knocked out on his bed, the man who had would have no memory of the woman who would ruin his life.
SPCTRM- Chapter 1
Woop there it is! The first chapter of SPCTRM!!! X3 So excited to get this out there. I wont upload the rest until I'm done and have the chance to proofread and stuff I barely looked over this one oops.
What do you think? I think this is better than Rise Against xD that was like 5 paragraphs xDD
Still a short chapter,like maybe a little too short, so I guess it's more of an epilouge than anything else, I just had to cut it off because I wanna switch to the main POV -n- I hate writing in 3rd person


Amy the Supreme Ruler
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi. I'm Amy, and that picture above looks nothing like me.
Sometimes I attempt to art/write
I like watching anime, drawing, reading things of that nature
Have fun looking through my gallery
:iconahemplz: Sorry.
Anyway, the first.....5? people to comment on this do an art trade with me! 



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